Mucojo Rural Hopsital, Mozambique

1307_MH_drawing list_001

Site plan – Mucojo Town Centre

1307_MH_drawing list_001

Building Plan – phased developement

1307_MH_drawing list_001

Axonometric – artistic sketch


Existing Hospital – Site photo

side pano maternity ward_LRExisting Maternity Ward – Site photo


Existing mens ward

west elevation main build

Health centre, Mucojo – the sign reads Portugese is the internation language learnt in Mozambique


Timber louvre shutters and mesh


Exploded Axonometric of louvre window

1307_MH_drawing list_001compressed earth block – stabilised with cement – arranged in a gapped block pattern

bototm of bottle 03_LRBottle sediment test – reveals a good particle size mix of silt, clay and sand


Makiga – rammed earth block machine


block stack curing

blocks fresh

CEBs compress earth blocks – stabilised with cement

01_ISSB mixing

mixing process of sand, clay, cement and water – the site in near the beach and sand is less easy to compress into blocks needs about 10% cement

08_out comes block still wet, nowq left to dry

out comes the interlocking soil stabnilzed block


ISSB set out to make latrine walls – little or no mortar is needed

1307_MH_drawing list_001Wall section and details

187x1671004242_6ae5af80-b7ac-476b-9343-b5efbb7eedd9_Nema Logo high res cropped

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