a SAWA approach


a humanitarian architecture collective

Socially Active Workshop Architecture

We look to engage community and grass routes process that can enable facilitate positive social change through making or adapting space. While upholding the broadest sense of sustainable design we can imagine.

‘Sawa’ means ‘good or right’ in Swahili and Kinyarwanda



We respond to our individual and collective responsibility.

We collaborate to utilise people’s different skills and perspectives for a holistic design solutions.

We learn by engaging people in the processes of making.

We work with communities, and aim to represent their architectural and developmental needs.


We are proactive; we create work, when we don’t have it.

We volunteer our skills to projects we believe in.

We have a critical eye that looks for architectural enhancements.


We think of ourselves more as a workshop than a studio or an office because we like to be on site managing, collaborating, teaching and running workshops.

We definitely get our hands dirty!


We are a group of graduates from a range of backgrounds from the UK and Africa.

Above all always take a ‘duty of care’ in all that we do. We care for not just  our clients needs, not just our users needs but we care about world as a series of living systems on earth.




We have the necessary design and computer skills to produce construction drawings and tender packages to creative innovative and contemporary constructions . (RIBA Stages 0-7). We are great spacial problem solvers in the built environment and understand how things are made, so we are happy to be consulted on projects at different scales, we appreicate the spacial problem solving does not alway require


We have a variety of site experience to site mange, contract work, release funds, particularly in British and African contexts.


We run workshops with children and adults to build capacity and facilitate resilience in vulnerable communities with the aim help develop more sustainably.


We love to engage the community by holding events and workshops with all ages.


After doing the design, specification and drawings we can calculate the cost the building.


We love to volunteer, we love to work with volunteers, but we have to value our time and expertise.


We are not a charity or business we are not a registered organisation yet, we are a collective or professionals who collaborate and volunteer our services to charities, organisations and communities because we think this work is meaningful.


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